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King Union Gallery-The Man in Between

In King Union Gallery hung a man who was ambivalent. He looked rigidly at the visitors of the gallery, yet he could not see them very well. It was not that he needed better vision or spectacles, but a broader range. One of his eyes was closed for as long as he could remember and the other eternally swayed to the side. If he wanted to observe the rest of the environment that he inhibited, other than the one that lay directly in front of his open eye, he could only rely in the effectiveness of his peripheral vision. When he had initially been brought to King Union Gallery, he could not contain his excitement to see a new setting that was different to that of the dark studio of his master. Each day, he hoped to see something new; something that would give enough force for the other eye to open up and be curious to see the rest of the world. Yet, each day the open eye encountered disillusion. He saw the

way that the humans talked to each other and although he could not understand them, he knew that they were projecting hate and not always love; something the man was not able to understand. He looked over the shoulders of humans recording their visit to the gallery and upon seeing into their tiny glass boxes, he saw images that showed chaos, much like some of his partners in the gallery. He wondered if they had been born to represent the chaos that inhabited their world. Following the end of every day, the man did not wonder any longer and looked to what was in front of him with a mundane vision. The day he saw a little girl cry, he himself shed a continuous tear of sorrow and remorse for the world that took away his curiosity.

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